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Letter from Us

Pure Grace Unlimited has embarked upon a new outreach called Pure Grace Bags (to learn more click here). PGBs are gift bags filled with socks, a sweatshirt, some toiletries, some food, and a gift card. We also decided to include a letter from us AND a letter from God.

Our intention behind the letter from us is to invite the people we give Pure Grace Bags into relationship with us. We believe that MINISTRY = RELATIONSHIPS. While we know and believe that God can instantaneously heal people, deliver people, and set people free, we also know that maturity will never be instantaneous. That is why we also believe that MATURING = DISCIPLESHIP. It is our heart's desire to make friends and more importantly to make disciples. Below is the letter from us that we include in our Pure Grace Bags:


Our names are Jay and Grace. We just moved here to Pueblo from Cripple Creek. Jay is originally from New Orleans and Grace is originally from Southern California. We've been married for just over a year.

We hope you enjoy the gift bag we've given you. God had you in mind to receive it and He inspired us to create it and give it to you.

We enjoy making new friends and helping people. We have received a lot of help from others at critical times in our lives and we want to be used that way too. It is important to define "help" up front because we have spent a LOT of money, time, and energy offering "help" to people who didn't want our kind of "help."

We are willing to help people who want their lives to change. We believe Jesus is Creator God and that He can bring true and lasting change to a person's life. We know God and want to introduce Him to you and to others. He can heal your body, heal your heart, and heal your mind; He can deliver you from any addiction or oppression.

We realize that some people whom we meet do not want to change or do not want to believe in Jesus. That is ok. We cannot offer them our help but we are willing to offer our friendship. Friendship to us looks like conversations, shared meals, and shared outings.

If you would like help and/or friendship feel free to reach out to us (our contact info is on our included business card)!

Jay & Grace

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