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Christians! What IS it that you believe?

Once again, I see the enemy of our souls creating division in our nation and within the body of Christ. My Facebook newsfeed is full of this opinion and the opposite opinion and it has led me to question...what do Christians REALLY believe in?

First let me say that I believe that the murder of George Floyd was a horrific evil, a tragedy and an injustice, and that we all should be mourning the fact that these acts exist in our world and society. Racism is evil! However, evil doesn't stop there or only exist there...

"The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it? - Jeremiah 17:9 NKJV

I know what I am about to say has become unpopular opinion EVEN within the church but what I understand from the Bible and from life experience is that EVERYone, and I mean EVERY ONE, is born a sinner. Now what does that Christian word "sinner" mean? It means you are born with a heart that is deceitful and desperately wicked! Yes, you too! Not just the racists. Not just the perpetrators of unjust murder. You who are reading this blog, if you were born a human baby, you were born a sinner.

Now, when I received a personal revelation of this, when I realized and believed that I too was this sinner - it BROKE me. My sins were not racist in nature but they were just as grave, and so are yours! The revelation of my sinfulness no longer had me looking down on the notorious evil people of human history (i.e. Adolph Hitler) but led me to a place of humility where I realized I was no better than them. Sin is sin. Evil is evil.

The Christian Hope

The Christian narrative DOESN'T end there. Realizing you are a sinner is ONLY the beginning. The realization of my sins SO overwhelmed me that I was DESPERATE for a solution. Without a solution I despaired of life itself! I did NOT want the propensity towards sin to rule within me any longer. I LONGED to be free from it.

And THAT is what Christianity offers!

TRUE freedom! Freedom from racism. Freedom from murder. Freedom from injustice. Freedom from sin!

And it starts with YOU!

YOU being freed from the hatred that consumes you. YOU being freed from the corners you cut or the people you cheat. YOU being freed from the negative thoughts. It starts with YOU!

I see SO many Christians responding in outrage to the murder of George Floyd and I agree. We should NOT be silent on the matter of evil. We should speak out against it. However, I hear VERY little solution being offered...and I believe, with all my heart, that we HAVE the solution.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, offers the solution to EVERY human heart! THIS is what EVERY Christian SHOULD believe.

What is the solution to racism?

Jesus offers a NEW heart to EVERY person! Just like I was led to a personal revelation of my sins, every racist person COULD ALSO be led to a personal revelation of the sin of racism. Why not? If YOU have experienced the brokenness of realizing you are a sinner in need of God's grace and mercy, what excludes another person from having this same experience? It is at THIS point that a person cries out to God for His grace and mercy.


Jesus promises a NEW heart and a NEW spirit and a NEW LIFE to ANYone who would call upon His name! Even racists!

I see some in the church right now justifying the riots which are in response to George Floyd's death and I see some in the church condemning them. But I don't hear ANY one in the church preaching the gospel of a new heart and a new life as a plausible solution!

Why NOT???

I hear people saying peaceful protests have not worked therefore riots are necessary. I have read where these riots are being compared to the beginnings of our nation and the fight early Americans fought against the British.

Now, I have to admit, for the past year and a half I have personally questioned whether I need to prepare for war in our nation and whether I need to arm myself as the 2nd Amendment allows me to. I have questioned whether tyranny can be fought against WITHOUT war and weaponry. I have studied the holocaust and how Christians resisted and fought during that and I have asked myself what, if anything, I would be willing to fight (physically) for and to kill for.

However, as a result of THIS blog I am being persuaded that my trust is NOT to be in the weapons of this world but in the SPIRITUAL weapons which God provides us through HIS Spirit (2 Corinthians 10:4-6)!

THEE solution to the brokenness we have all witnessed this past week through the death of George Floyd is for the NEW LIFE that Jesus promises to be received by ALL the sinners in our nation - including you and me!

Instead of peaceful protests or violent riots and looting - ALL Christians EVERY where should be arming themselves with the message of the gospel (the Good News - the good news that Jesus forgives all of our sins and offers us a new heart and a new life free from those sins) and bringing that message to every place and person in our society.

The church should be longing for and praying for revival in our nation! History PROVES that revival is real and has the power to transform culture (click here for just one example of a modern revival).

So what do YOU believe?

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